Saturday, August 11, 2007

Additional pictures

Since there are only so many pictures that reasonably make sense in these blog entries, I've taken to adding extras, uncaptioned, to the following site. If the blog's not been enough, feel free to go take a look.


Alta Vista said...

The photos of all that good food (makes me want to sing "Take me out to the hofbrauhaus"....) leave the impression that Mobile Em may have lots more of Grant to cuddle come September.

Mike said...

You chose wisely with your choices in Cincy! The Hofbrau Haus is just an awesome place and there is probably no more a signature dish in town than Cincinnati Style chili. Served of course, anyway you like it, whether it's on a hotdog smothered in chese and hot sauce or like your picture shows in a "3-way" over spaghetti!

I'm loving keeping up with your journey. Wishing you continued safe travels and fond memories.