Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Hockey Hall of Fame

This was something I’d been very much looking forward to, and which I had a blast seeing. The ticket taker had advised me to budget 1 to 1½ hours, but I was there almost 3, checking out memorabilia aplenty, some great displays of famous players, and all sorts of other great stuff. As opposed to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, in which I recognized a number of names, and had associations with a smaller set of players, at the Hockey Hall of Fame, pretty much each honored player had some strong set of memories and mental images, generating all sorts of great reminiscing as I wandered through the exhibits.

Among the pictured highlights:

The classic HHOF shot

Bobby Orr’s bronzed skates, from the famous 1970 cup-winning goal (Note: The Orr display was further punctuated by a thickly Boston-accented father, leading his sons by the two-stall-wide display, commenting to them “That’s disgusting, he played 30 games for Chicago, but just for that they’ve also got a Blackhawks jersey in there?! Terrible”)

Bourque and Neely, HOF plaques side-by-side

Doug Wilson’s jersey as first ever Sharks captain

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Alta Vista said...

Where's the picture of Alfie's jersey from this year's Final? Yeah, yeah,...he's not a Bruin, nor a Shark, but he was the almost Conn Smythe winner in 2007.

If only those damned ducks hadn't forgotten to remove the word mighty from their vocabulary.

We'll be ready this year. The Hockey News is already predicting a rematch.