Sunday, September 2, 2007

Running a bit behind again

Ok, ok - I'm a few entries behind again. They're on their way, and there are pictures in the photo album (at right) but for the snapshot summary:

Safeco in Seattle - Incredible. Beautiful park, fantastic environment
Petco in San Diego - Disappointing. Nice features, superior to Qualcomm Stadium, but overhyped.
McAfee in Oakland - Concrete and painful. But... not as bad as I'd remembered

Big Sur - Beautiful, especially at sunset
Clay Buchholz - Very impressive. Way to go, kid
Home team mojo - Kaput, completely


Anonymous said...

see comment #1 in A Table for One, Please.

Alta Vista said...

Hey Dude, for someone who claims to be a bit behind, you're pretty quick in getting your posts up. I've seen many people react much more slowly at paying jobs. Don't be so hard on yourseslf.

Enjoy San Francisco - and let someone else drive! You deserve the rest.

That "Ichiroll sushi" looks pretty tasty for someone stuck inland away from the sea.