Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Already falling behind

Ok, so I'm already 2 games behind (on the blog, that is, not the travel) with Camden Yards coming up early tomorrow. But I'll have a break after that to catch up. So, just to prove that I'm still making progress, here's some help from a third party:


Mobile Em said...

Ooh, the red shirt is a nice touch. Did you pack something in every color so you can always match the home team? (Will you wear your Giants shirt in Baltimore?)

Grant said...

Actually wore the orange Giants shirt at Shea. The Mets' orange and blue motif is a tip-of-the-hat to the creation of the team in the wake of the Giants & Dodgers leaving town. Nice thought, I suppose, but I've always considered it kind of like trying to combine oil and water.

Alta Vista said...

I just hope you didn't bring any Maple Leaf blue t-shirts. That colour sucks (with apologies to Mark)