Friday, August 3, 2007


Ok… so I’ve got to comment on this. Bud Selig, baseball commissioner, whose job, as I can best understand it, appears to be to look like a toad at major baseball events, recently referred to his duty of following Barry around from stadium to stadium in his chase of 755 as a “Herculean effort”.

Are you kidding me? The guy’s JOB is to be there for the photo opp. He gets paid about $14 million a year for it. And being driven by limo and private jet from luxury box to luxury box in order to watch baseball is a “Herculean effort”???

Still, it did get me thinking. If that’s Herculean, I wonder quite what my trip would be? Any thoughts out there?


Alta Vista said...

I guess the difference is that, as of tonight, with Barry having hit number 755 in San Diego, the Commissioner can now go home and rest. You have a few more parks to visit. Gambatte!

Anonymous said...

The media is reporting that Selig has gome home to Milwaukee and will miss the next three Giants' games. Hmm...